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Rutas fijas K-State

K-State y ATA Bus se asociaron para brindar transporte público gratuito a estudiantes, profesores y personal en toda la ciudad de Manhattan.


 Park n' Ride operará con una frecuencia de 15 minutos de lunes a viernes. El "Autobús K" funcionará en el sentido de las agujas del reloj y el "Autobús S" en el sentido contrario a las agujas del reloj. Vea nuestro folleto para obtener más información.

Rutas fijas de MHK - Guías del día del partido de fútbol de KSU

El autobús ATA opera rutas fijas regulares en todo Manhattan los sábados. Los mapas de ruta están disponibles en los enlaces PDF anteriores. Sin embargo, hay muchos sábados en el otoño cuando KSU Football tiene partidos en casa. Ya sea que viva en Manhattan o esté de visita para ver un juego, hemos reunido algunas guías sencillas para usar el autobús ATA para viajar hacia y desde el juego. ¡Simplemente haga clic en el botón a continuación, identifique su ubicación, encuentre $1 y diríjase al estadio para animar a los Cats! 

We understand that transportation can often be a barrier for so many and now with the addition of cost being added, ATA Bus is working to find solutions for KSU riders now, and for reestablishing the ride-free service in the future. 

If you are a user of the ATA Bus system, you will now need to be prepared to pay the fare when using the fixed route system or any other ATA services outside of campus. 

Fares can be paid with exact US currency (cash or change) or a bus pass.


Bus passes can be purchased at locations throughout the community or digitally using the Transit app

If you are unable to afford fare or a bus pass, please contact us to receive a Half-Fare card or locate places in the community where free passes are available. 

What You Can Do To Help

If you have been affected by these changes and would like to help us work to reestablish the "ride free" option for K-State students, staff, and faculty, please check out the options below:

Send a letter to the group that best represents you and your interests letting them know you support the return of the "Ride Free" service and funding: 

For Students  >

For Staff >

Follow our social media accounts to stay engaged and help spread the word:


Invite us on campus to talk with you and your peers about how we can better support the Student Life on and off campus!

Información del contacto

5815 Avenida Marlatt
Manhattan, Kansas 66503
(785) 537-6345

ATA Bus values collaborative work with our University and we look forward to exploring as many resources as possible to ensure this valuable benefit is available at K-State.

Thank you for your time and support to work together so that students, staff, and faculty at K-State can continue to have free, easy access to transportation in the Manhattan community!

Planifica tu viaje,
compra tu pasaje,
y seguimiento de su autobús.
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