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Visiting the Building

Due to construction, the FHATA building will be closed to the general public beginning February 26th, 2024. 

To best serve our customers, those wishing to purchase passes, complete paperwork, and/or do business, will be allowed to visit the building on Wednesdays during working hours (8:00 am - 5:00 pm). 

During no other time of the week should visitors attempt to visit the building. 

If planning to visit on Wednesday, please pay close attention to all signage indicating where to enter the parking lot, where to park your vehicle, and how to enter the building. You can also view the images below to help better understand how to access the facility during that time. 

If you visit the building, please expect some time for us to answer the door due to construction. DO NOT attempt to walk around the facility or enter the facility through any other means, other than the designated door. If you are visiting during open hours and have been at the door for more than three (3) minutes, please return to your vehicle and call the office number to let them know you are here (785-537-6345). 

The building closure and open hours are enforced to maintain the safety of our employees and visitors and will be in place as long as the construction is occurring.


Please check back for more information or call 785-537-6345.

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