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Transit App

How To Use Transit App

Here are some helpful tools for using Transit to track your bus, plan your route, pay your fare and ride with ATA Bus! 


ATA Bus and Transit: ATA Bus’ Official Plan, Track and Pay App

Download Transit on your Apple or Android device to get started!

Plan a Trip:

Download Transit for quick and easy trip planning with step-by-step directions. The app will notify you when to leave for your trip, when your stop is coming up, and even suggest alternatives if you miss your ride.

Track your Ride:

Transit keeps you informed with accurate arrival times and map-based vehicle locations. So you can relax while you wait for your ride knowing your vehicle is on its way. For many vehicles, Transit provides real-time crowding information, displaying “Not crowded,” “Some crowding” or “Crowded.” 

Pay the Fare:

Forget paper passes and pocket change! Purchase any fare or pass with just a few taps in Transit. The app makes it easy to keep track of your pass expiration date, and lets you buy rides for yourself or the whole family.

Visit for help.

Real-Time Bus Information When You Need It

Wondering when an ATA Bus will be pulling up to your stop? With a quick text, you can get real-time arrival times and transit information from anywhere, at any time.

By Text Message (SMS)


Locate your Stop ID number on the ATA Bus Stop sign. The Stop ID number is the four or five-digit number located on the top of the bus stop sign. Text your Stop ID number to 785.264.4595. After about a minute, you will receive the next three real-time arrival times for bus routes serving that stop.

If a route has an active Rider Alert, it will be noted with an asterisk (*) and you can access a link to learn more.

Contact Information

5815 Marlatt Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66503
(785) 537-6345

Toll Free: (877) 551-6345

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