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Riding with ATA Bus

We understand, life happens. But we want to make sure we do what we can to try and make life a little easier. Below you can find some resources that will provide you more information about how to make riding with us as easy as possible. 

You can also always call the office and chat with us to learn more about other opportunities we know of to help you not only survive but also thrive. 

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MHK Locations with 

Free Bus Passes

Senior Center

Be Able

Salvation Army

Flint Hills Bread Basket

Crisis Center

FIT Closet

Shephard's Crossing

Common Table

Emergency Shelter

K-State ID.png

KSU Ride Free with ID


Due to consistent loss of funding, KSU students, staff, and faculty now have to pay fare to ride this fixed routes. 

Click here to learn more. 

Holding Phones

Send a Digital Pass

Know someone who needs a pass and want to help?

You can pay for and send them a pass here: 

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JC Locations with

Free Bus Passes

Konza Health Clinic


Purchase Bus Passes

30-Day Passes Sold Here


  • Dillons West

  • Dillons East

  • HyVee

  • City Hall

  • Chamber of Commerce

Junction City

  • Dillons

All passes available at the ATA Bus main office. 

All Hands In

Get Community Assistance

Click the button below to see more info on the resources available in our area!

Contact Information

5815 Marlatt Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66503
(785) 537-6345

Toll Free: (877) 551-6345

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