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Current/Upcoming Closures

Manhattan Closures

Due to construction in the 600 Block of Poyntz, the following closure and stop changes will be in effect:

Route 1 and Route 4

Library Stop - The current stop is inaccessible and is closed. This stop has been relocated to Humboldt St between Juliette Avenue and 6th St. The two stops will be notated by temporary signage and will be on both sides of the road. (see image for more detail)

Downtown Stop - Closed, no relocation. (see image for more detail)

These closures will be in place as long as the construction is occurring. Please check back for more information or call 785-537-6345.


K-State Closures 

None at this time.

Junction City Closures

None at this time.

Contact Information

5815 Marlatt Avenue
Manhattan, KS 66503
(785) 537-6345

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